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Telemarketing refers to the marketing method of offering specific products or services to potential customers by phone. It has been used for several years already and it has proved to be one of the most effective marketing tools available to companies. However, telemarketing is effective only is there is a target list of numbers to call available for the company. The company must thus identify potential clients interested in its products and services, and make a profile with contact information for each potential client.


An effective telemarketing campaign can only be conducted if there is a list of target users, in order to optimize resources of time and costs and to avoid contacting users who have little to no interest in the provided services. It is important that the lists are accurate, professional, and personalized according to the needs of the company which wants to use them for communicating with prospective clients.

A company can rely on the services of a contact lists supplier, requesting special lists for telemarketing. The supplier will identify the product or service provided by the company and the type of user which is more likely to be interested in that product or service. After gathering the data, the supplier analyzes it and creates a well-organized and detailed list that perfectly fits the needs of the company.

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