Simply sell directly


The main goal of a company is to release successful products and the only way to achieve this is having a professional marketing strategy which will present the product to the world. Along many other types of advertising techniques, stickering is also important.

New Strategies

Stickering is an innovative marketing method that consists of placing a large number of small stickers with the company brand in different locations. The focus of this strategy is on quantity, since the number of stickers must be incredibly high in order to catch the attention of potential targets by using subliminal messages strategically composed with this purpose.

Stickers are a method of instant communication, completely relying on images, with the aim of attracting attention from large groups of people. By remembering the image and its message, people usually feel a sense of curiosity and became interested in searching or even purchasing the product.

A quick and economical solution, stickers have been adopted not only by companies, but also by activists and artists, because of its high level of effectiveness.

Catching the attention

For stickers to be effective and to reach large numbers of customers, it is highly important to choose their place carefully. A sticker is efficient only if it is posted in the right place, such as crowded streets, subway stops, railway stations, or on vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, or bicycles.

Stickering is one of the cheapest ways to get your product into the world, yet also one of the easiest ways to spread it widely and intelligently.


An efficient advertising campaign that decides to include stickering must be aware that the sticker should present the brand in a catchy way, while also putting an emphasis on the outstanding qualities of the product. A properly designed association between image and message remains for longer times in the mind of the observers, thus ensuring the success of the ad with minimal costs.

However, placing a large number of stickers is not enough. The sticker must stand out, so it should use bright colors and bold text, in order for the passerby to see it.


Every operation in the stickering strategy should include a plan and a clear target. Leaving anything to chance might make the strategy fail. It is highly recommended to keep the message simple and clear, and to maintain the same simplicity in the spreading process.

If the stickers are placed in outdoor environments where they can be damaged, they should be made out of a weather-resistant material. In this case, despite the environmental conditions, they can last for a long time, and remain as effective as the first day.