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SMS Marketing

A company interested in organizing its external commercial communication methods will discover many useful tools that can be combined for better results. While telemarketing is one of the most appreciated strategies for providers of products and services, commercial text message is also a viable method for communication. SMS marketing, or mobile marketing, has developed at the same time with mobile phones and text messages. Nowadays, since everyone owns a mobile phone capable of receiving text messages, SMS marketing has become one of the favorite methods of communication for many companies, especially for its minimal costs and ease of use.

New tools

Mobile marketing ensures fast communication and quick transfer of information while not requiring answer from receivers. In most cases, it remains a one-way communication with the purpose of delivering a marketing message. For this reasons, mobile marketing is almost exclusively a communication strategy used by companies to maintain contact with existing customers, usually after a contact has been already established.

There are telemarketing lists for mobile marketing available for companies. However, these lists are made independently, usually at informative events or by the means of online advertising.

Usually, when someone fills out any type of paper or electronic document, there is a requirement to add a cell phone number and to authorize the processing of the personal information. This common practice allows companies to grow their database and to further use the contact lists for commercial communication. All the personal and additional information provided by the person is stored and organized in detailed lists that will form contact lists according to a specific target. The contact lists are added on a virtual database where they will be divided according to different criteria. The company will be able to choose any list that comprises a desired target and which best reflects its needs.


SMS marketing is almost exclusively designed for keeping in touch with existing customers or with persons with whom a need for contact has been established already, mostly because it is a one way communication. SMS marketing cannot be seen as an exchange, but rather as a transfer of information from company to customer. A SMS can supply information about a service, discount, or product that the client might be interested in according to the information available on the database. Trying to reach new potential customers with a text message on the phone is highly difficult, since there is no real relationship established. As the rules of telemarketing imply, a customer accepts a proposal when a sense of trust has been created through a direct relationship. Nevertheless, telemarketing remains a very useful tool and should not be excluded from a broader, functional and carefully planned marketing strategy. In such cases, the use of SMS marketing can increase the effectiveness in communication and raise the success rate of the marketing plan.

Massive sending

SMS marketing operations for actual customers are faster than phone calls, and maximum results can be achieved with minimum efforts, since most companies have modern software that allows them to send a large number of texts messages simultaneously. While a commercial phone call lasts on average 90 seconds, sending a text message to all customers in a few seconds means a significant optimization of human resources, but also time. In SMS marketing, a single person can run operations with a contact list three times larger than one of a telemarketing employee. Moreover, the entire process can be run by a computer system able to directly access and use the virtual database of the company. In such a case, there is no need for human intervention.

The new development in the area of mobile technologies such as smartphones or instant messaging applications, have led to a decrease of the SMS utilization. Applications such as WhatsApp have gained massive popularity lately and many companies are already beginning to contact their customers directly via WhatsApp.