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Guerrilla Marketing

“Guerilla” is a term that derives from the military terminology, indicating an improvisational strategy where the actions of the soldiers are always surprising and unpredictable, especially for the enemy who doesn’t expect a fight. A guerrilla marketing strategy is therefore unconventional.

Guerilla marketing was developed with the purpose of inspiring companies to create advertising campaigns aimed at catching the attention of potential clients among people who do not expect a commercial message of that type. People expect commercial messages when they watch TV or read billboards in train stations, yet there are situations in which they can be surprised. An innovative guerilla marketing approach tries to create both surprise and mystery.

Very often, the message does not reveal entirely the product or service provided by the company. This kind of messages is usually more often found on the streets, walls, or unconventional places such as beer bottles, and they carry a powerful and attractive symbol that stimulates the curiosity of the viewers.

Guerrilla marketing features

Guerilla marketing is designed usually with the purpose of acquiring a massive visibility with minimal costs. Using the technique of shock and surprise, the company can make potential customers curious about the ad and willing to find out more about what hides behind it.

An efficient guerilla marketing campaign must be imaginative, playful, and resort to tricks such as the invention of events or stories with no real basis. Some campaigns arouse curiosity by the use of “teasers”.

A “teaser” is an element that stimulates the imagination and curiosity of the viewer, through an image, slogan, video, or other type of action. The teaser must be surprising, yet also give the idea that important things will be revealed later, which could be a much greater surprise.

An example of guerrilla marketing

One pseudo-event that could advertise the effects of super glue would be sticking a 2 euro coin to the asphalt. When someone bends down to take it, they will not be able to remove it from the ground, yet they will find a written message about the product that keeps the coin glued there. Such a pseudo-event appears surprisingly in the daily life of the potential client and can convince him to purchase a product.

The guerrilla marketing surprise effect

While guerilla marketing strategies are usually developed in large metropolitan centers, it is also a good method of creating a communication channel between strangers. The surprise effect makes the strategy remain in the memory of the viewers for a long time, also creating a domino effect by word of mouth spread. The guerilla marketing can arouse such a curiosity that it has the ability to reach potential customers who haven’t been witnesses themselves. Since those who are involved see it as an unusual experience, they tend to share it with others and rethink it.

Guerilla marketing is thus very different than any other economical and commercial habits that the consumers are aware of. Such a campaign is even more influential among potential customers who are only familiar with traditional advertising, and for which an innovative campaign creates a lasting effect.

Effects of guerrilla marketing