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Buzz Marketing

The growth of the Internet has made it easier for companies to have successful promotional campaigns that do not follow the traditional path. Unique strategies, even though they are new and different, can have tremendous success. Promotional campaigns that follow new strategies usually belong to a type of marketing defined as unconventional. The products and services provided by a company are, in such situations, presented in alternative ways that have nothing in common with the traditional marketing methods.

Word of mouth

One of the new alternative promotional strategies is word of mouth, which refers to the dissemination of information directly between customers, who share opinions and suggestions about products and services.

Word of mouth is essentially a face-to-face communication in which the topic is a product or service discussed through actions such as phone calls, blogs, emails, text messages, or other communication medium.

The unconventional marketing methods that promote a product or service by aiming at getting it included in large number of conversations are gathered under the name of buzz marketing. The name of this kind of strategies is a reference to the sound made by a bee swarm when they fly together in search of a location to build their hive.

Increase interest

Buzz marketing usually tries to identify a group of people who might be interested in a product or a service and catching their attention, by using promoters with influence in the same group. For free or for a small stipend, the promoters talk and ignite discussions about the product or service, creating thus a word of mouth phenomenon.

Usually, the distribution channels are Internet platforms, which offer a rich, virtual world through forums, blogs, and social media.

The most important purpose of buzz marketing is an efficient word of mouth action. Executed properly, buzz marketing has the potential to attract large numbers of buyers, who can become promoters themselves, by speaking about the product or the service.

Create suspense

For increased effectiveness, buzz marketing usually revolves around a major event or the launch of a new product or service, occasion that can create a lot of suspense among potential customers. In such situations, it is recommendable to contact influencers such as bloggers, or famous people whose opinions are valuable in social media or other virtual platforms. They can involve their audience in discussions and also provide important information to stimulate a conversation that can attract attention from readers. Using the dynamics of Internet and social media, the news about the product and service can reach many potential customers who can become buyers and promoters as well.

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