19 Clothing And Fur Storage in Canada

Luxe Boutique
Clothing And Fur Storage, Fur Stores
30 Pender St e V6A 1T1 - Vancouver (BC)
Saitoh's Furs By Jacques
Clothing And Fur Storage
4152 Staulo Cres V6N 3S2 - Vancouver (BC)
Lambskin Specialties/Wonderful World Of Sheepskin
Clothing And Fur Storage, Sheepskin Specialties
250 Dufferin Ave R2W 5J1 - Winnipeg (MB)
Sydney Gitterman Furs
Clothing And Fur Storage, Fur Stores
46 Princess St R3B 1K2 - Winnipeg (MB)
Rideau Brown Furs
Clothing And Fur Storage, Fur Stores
105 Wentworth Rd B0N 2T0 - Windsor (NS)
Summerdale Cleaners
Clothing And Fur Storage
4a-1727 Industrial Rd N3H 5G7 - Cambridge (ON)
Community Cleaners And Launderers
Clothing And Fur Storage, Dry Cleaners
145 Queen St N7M 2G7 - Chatham (ON)
Some Like It Vintage
Clothing And Fur Storage
4002 Bloor St w M9B 1M5 - Etobicoke (ON)
Nadel Furs Inc
Clothing And Fur Storage
281 Ottawa St n L8H 3Z8 - Hamilton (ON)
Kahnert Furs Limited
Clothing And Fur Storage, Fur Stores
2078 Avenue Rd M5M 4A6 - North York (ON)
The Bay Fur Storage
Clothing And Fur Storage
20 Hafis Rd M6M 2V7 - North York (ON)
A&c Fur Creations
Clothing And Fur Storage, Fur Stores
212 Woodroffe Ave K2A 3V4 - Ottawa (ON)
Rock Variety
Clothing And Fur Storage
625 Yonge St M4Y 1Z5 - Toronto (ON)
Les Fourrures André Larouche Enr
Clothing And Fur Storage, Fur Stores
415, Rue Sacré-Coeur o G8B 1M4 - Alma (QC)
Fourrures Hivon Denis
Clothing And Fur Storage, Fur Stores
69, Rue Drummond J2G 2S5 - Granby (QC)
Les Fourrures Gilles Perron Inc
Clothing And Fur Storage, Fur Stores
364, Rue King-George J4J 2V5 - Longueuil (QC)
La Baie
Clothing And Fur Storage
585 Rue Sainte-Catherine o H3B 3Y5 - Montreal (QC)
Michel Grenon Fourrures
Clothing And Fur Storage, Fur Stores
161, Rue Saint-Exupéry G1C 5C2 - Quebec City (QC)
Fourrure Doris Inc
Clothing And Fur Storage, Fur Stores
437, Av Mondor J2S 5A8 - Saint Hyacinthe (QC)
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Clothing And Fur Storage

The clothing and fur storage sector in Canada encompasses a range of businesses that specialize in preserving and maintaining valuable clothing and fur items.

This includes traditional clothing storage facilities as well as specialized fur storage businesses.

Clothing and fur storage businesses are responsible for safely storing and maintaining expensive and delicate garments, ensuring they are protected from damage, pests, and the elements.

Daily responsibilities may include receiving and cataloging items, inspecting garments for damage, cleaning and preserving furs, and providing secure storage solutions.Individuals working in this sector require a keen attention to detail, strong organizational skills, and a comprehensive understanding of garment care and maintenance.

Qualifications may include experience in garment preservation, knowledge of textile care techniques, and the ability to work with specialized cleaning and storage equipment.The importance of clothing and fur storage businesses in Canada lies in their ability to provide a valuable service to those who own high-end and luxury clothing items.

By offering secure, climate-controlled storage solutions, they help to preserve the longevity and quality of these garments, ensuring they remain in pristine condition for years to come.If you're looking for clothing and fur storage businesses in Canada, you can easily find a comprehensive list on Canadian telephone directories like canada-co.com.

This platform allows users to browse and search for clothing and fur storage businesses, and also provides the opportunity to read and write reviews about their services.

For businesses in the clothing and fur storage sector, listing their firm on canada-co.com can help them reach a wider audience and showcase their specialized services to potential customers.