11 Cargo Surveyors in Canada

Amix Heavy Lift Ltd
Crane Rental And Service, Cargo Surveyors
12021 Musqueam Dr V3V 3T2 - Surrey (BC)
Bay Pilots & Marine Consultants Inc
Cargo Surveyors, Marine Surveyors
110 Woodmans Point Rd E5K 4R6 - Woodmans Point (NB)
Cargo Surveyors
35 Williams Ave B3B 1X3 - Dartmouth (NS)
Cargo Sales Resource
Cargo Surveyors
6500 Silver Dart Dr L5P 1C4 - Mississauga (ON)
Emergency Parts Logistics
Cargo Surveyors
2450 Derry Rd e L5S 1B2 - Mississauga (ON)
110 Sheppard Av e M2N 6Y8 - North York (ON)
110 Sheppard Ave e M2N 6Y8 - North York (ON)
Logistics Emergency Parts
Cargo Surveyors
214-1455 Youville Dr K1C 6Z7 - Orleans (ON)
Oti Canada Group
Cargo Surveyors
Battures de Beauport G1K 7H6 - Quebec City (QC)
Ibeq Inspection
Cargo Surveyors
155, Rue de La Grève Rr 1 G0L 2E0 - Riviere Trois Pistoles (QC)
Industries Rototeck Inc
Cargo Surveyors
995-1 Rg G0L 2J0 - Saint Antonin (QC)
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Cargo Surveyors

Cargo surveying plays a crucial role in the logistics and transportation sector in Canada.

These professionals specialize in examining and assessing various types of cargo to ensure compliance with regulations, safety standards, and contractual agreements.

There are different kinds of cargo surveyors, including marine cargo surveyors, air cargo surveyors, and land cargo surveyors, each focusing on their specific transportation mode.

On a daily basis, cargo surveyors are responsible for inspecting cargo, documenting their findings, and preparing detailed reports.

They must possess strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and a thorough understanding of industry regulations and best practices.

Qualifications typically include a background in logistics, transportation, or related fields, as well as certifications or training specific to cargo surveying.The importance of cargo surveying in Canada cannot be overstated, as it directly impacts the safety, efficiency, and reliability of the transportation and supply chain industries.

Businesses rely on the expertise of cargo surveyors to ensure that their goods are handled and transported in accordance with industry standards, ultimately minimizing risks and liabilities.To find a list of cargo surveyors in Canada, individuals can visit the website canada-co.com, where they can easily access contact information for various cargo surveying firms.

Moreover, the website offers the functionality for users to read and write reviews about cargo surveyors.

For cargo surveyors looking to expand their reach, canada-co.com provides the opportunity to list their firms, reaching potential clients and enhancing their online presence.

This platform serves as a valuable resource for all parties involved in the cargo surveying industry.