26 Book Wholesalers in Canada

Dempsey Distributing
Book Wholesalers
307-3815 1st Ave V5C 3V6 - Burnaby (BC)
Scholastic Book Fairs
Book Wholesalers
101-2468 192 St V3S 3X1 - Surrey (BC)
Meluki Book Marketing
Book Wholesalers
107-585 16th St V7V 3R8 - West Vancouver (BC)
Top Wholesale Books
Book Wholesalers
10 Morris Dr B3B 1K8 - Dartmouth (NS)
Whitehots Inc
Book Wholesalers
205 Industrial Pky n L4G 4C4 - Aurora (ON)
Whitehots Inc
Book Wholesalers
20 Furbacher Ln L4G 6W1 - Aurora (ON)
Success Resources
Book Wholesalers
80 Hale Rd L6W 3N9 - Brampton (ON)
Spiritwood Books
Book Wholesalers
1982 Snake Rd L7P 4Y4 - Burlington (ON)
David Mole
Book Wholesalers
33-515 Winston Rd L3M 0C8 - Grimsby (ON)
118 Victoria N0L 1M0 - Kitchener (ON)
Gifts For The Soul Shop
Book Wholesalers
226 Frederick St N2H 2M8 - Kitchener (ON)
Second Look Books
Book Wholesalers
31 King St w N2G 1A1 - Kitchener (ON)
Mardin & Burdick Company
Book Wholesalers
2455 Cawthra Rd L5A 3P1 - Mississauga (ON)
National Reptile Supply
Book Wholesalers
1095 Strathy Ave L5E 2K1 - Mississauga (ON)
Sherwood Printers
Book Wholesalers
240 Brunel Rd L4Z 1T5 - Mississauga (ON)
China Book Trading
Book Wholesalers
534 Mcnicoll Ave M2H 2E1 - North York (ON)
Tinlids Inc
Book Wholesalers
4478 Chesswood Dr M3J 2B9 - North York (ON)
Book Wholesalers
530 Lacolle Way K4A 0N9 - Orleans (ON)
Mic Group
Book Wholesalers
805 Middlefield Rd M1V 4Z6 - Scarborough (ON)
Book Wholesalers
309 Douglas St P3C 1G9 - Sudbury (ON)
Brunswick Books
Book Wholesalers
20 Maud St M5V 2M5 - Toronto (ON)
Prologue Inc
Book Wholesalers
1665, Boul Lionel-Bertrand J7H 1N8 - Boisbriand (QC)
Promo du Livre Sdm
Book Wholesalers
29, Rue de Lyon J5Z 4Z3 - Repentigny (QC)
Les Promotions Rodel Inc
Book Wholesalers
1350, Rue Marie-Victorin J3V 6B9 - Saint Bruno (QC)
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Book Wholesalers

Book wholesalers play a crucial role in the Canadian book industry, serving as intermediaries between publishers and booksellers.

There are different kinds of book wholesalers in Canada, including general wholesalers that distribute a wide range of titles, specialized wholesalers that focus on specific genres or topics, and educational wholesalers that cater to schools and universities.The daily responsibilities of book wholesalers include sourcing books from publishers, managing inventory, fulfilling orders from retail bookstores and libraries, and providing logistical support such as shipping and delivery.

Strong organizational and communication skills are essential, as well as a deep knowledge of the book market and the ability to identify trends and popular titles.

A background in business, sales, or logistics is advantageous, and many book wholesalers also have experience in the publishing industry.The importance of book wholesalers in the Canadian book market cannot be overstated.

They play a critical role in ensuring that books are available to a wide audience, facilitating the distribution of literature and educational materials across the country.For those seeking to connect with book wholesalers, the Canadian telephone directories on canada-co.com provide an easy way to find a comprehensive list of wholesalers.

Users can also read and write reviews about book wholesalers on the site, helping to guide others in their search for a reliable partner in the book distribution business.

Moreover, book wholesalers themselves can list their firms on canada-co.com, expanding their reach and visibility within the industry.Whether you're a book retailer looking for a reliable distributor or a book wholesaler seeking to expand your business, canada-co.com offers a valuable platform for connecting and promoting your services within the Canadian book industry.