3 Biological Products in Canada

Endoceutics, Inc.
Biological Products
2989 de La Promenade G1W 2J5 - Quebec City (QC)
Probio Inc
Biological Products
72 Rue Principale n G0L 3L0 - Saint Hubert Riviere du l (QC)
7170 Frederick Banting, 2nd Fl. H4S 2A1 - Saint Laurent (QC)
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Biological Products

The biological products sector in Canada encompasses a wide range of products derived from living organisms.

These products include pharmaceuticals, vaccines, diagnostic materials, therapeutic proteins, and biological agents used in agriculture and environmental remediation.

Professionals in this sector are responsible for research, development, production, and distribution of these biological products.Daily responsibilities in the biological products sector may include conducting research and development to improve existing products or create new ones, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, quality control, and managing production processes.

Professionals in this field require strong scientific and technical knowledge, research and analytical skills, and a thorough understanding of regulatory frameworks and quality assurance practices.

The biological products sector is crucial in addressing health and environmental challenges.

These products play a significant role in enhancing human and animal health, disease prevention, and treatment.

In agriculture, biological products contribute to sustainable farming practices and environmental protection.

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Overall, the biological products sector plays a vital role in the Canadian economy and contributes to various aspects of public health, agriculture, and environmental sustainability.