18 Barges in Canada

1209-10104, 103 Ave Nw T5J 0H8 - Edmonton (AB)
Inlet Navigation (1985) Ltd
Barges, Storage Freight And Cargo Containers
Po Box 726 Stn a V9W 6J3 - Campbell River (BC)
Po Box 9 Stn a V9W 4Z9 - Campbell River (BC)
Graham Marine Construction
Barges, Docks And Dock Builders
1788 Sandner Frontage Rd Rr 3 V0H 1E3 - Christina Lake (BC)
Dolphin Marine Services Ltd
Barges, Water Taxi
Po Box 339 V0N 1V0 - Gibsons (BC)
Okanagan Boat Lifts Ltd
Barges, Boat Equipment And Supplies
13482 Broadwater Rd V4V 2K6 - Oyama (BC)
6437 Jasper Rd Rr 7 V0N 3A7 - Sechelt (BC)
N Ft Main V6A 3Y5 - Vancouver (BC)
Dockside Welding & Fabrication
Barges, Docks And Dock Builders
2095 Hwy-118 e P1L 1X1 - Bracebridge (ON)
2288 Hwy-118 e P1L 1X1 - Bracebridge (ON)
2288 Hwy-118 e P1L 1X1 - Bracebridge (ON)
Oliver's Home & Cottage Renovations
Barges, Drywall Contractors And Drywalling
Muskoka P1L 1B1 - Bracebridge (ON)
301 Ecclestone Dr P1L 1X2 - Bracebridge (ON)
Rieger Contracting
Barges, Demolition Contractors
2095 Hwy-118 e P1L 1X1 - Bracebridge (ON)
7376 Trans-Canada Hwy P0W 1E0 - Emo (ON)
7 John St P2A 1R5 - Parry Sound (ON)
All Ways Roofing & Septic Barging
Barges, Septic Tank Cleaning
Rr 1 L0K 1S0 - Port Severn (ON)
Attainable Solutions Inc
Barges, Building Contractors
10 Orr Rd P0B 1M0 - Utterson (ON)
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The business sector of barges in Canada is a vital component of the country's transportation and logistics industry.

There are various kinds of barges used in Canada, including deck barges, hopper barges, rack barges, and tank barges.

Each type serves unique purposes, such as transporting goods and materials on waterways, carrying bulk cargo, and providing support for marine construction projects.Barge operators in Canada have a range of daily responsibilities, including navigating vessels, securing and transporting cargo, and maintaining equipment and safety protocols.

Strong maritime skills, including navigation, seamanship, and operational knowledge of barges, are essential for those working in this industry.

Additionally, qualifications such as a valid Transport Canada Certificate of Competency and Transport Canada Marine Medical Certificate are required to operate barges in Canada.The importance of the barge industry in Canada cannot be overstated, as it facilitates the movement of goods and materials across the country's extensive network of waterways and contributes significantly to the transportation infrastructure.

Barges play a crucial role in supporting various industries, including construction, mining, and resource extraction, by efficiently transporting bulk cargo and materials.If you are looking for barge operators in Canada, you can easily find a comprehensive list of companies on the Canada-co.com website.

Additionally, businesses in the barge industry can leverage the platform to list their firm and connect with potential clients.

The site also offers the opportunity to read and write reviews about barge operators, enhancing transparency and credibility within the industry.For any assistance, advice, or support related to barges in Canada, visiting canada-co.com will provide you with the necessary resources and information to make informed decisions within the barge industry.